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Bourbon and Mint

Atonement is a mission of those left behind.


"Oh come on, you look great!" she said, while admiring the strong lines of his thighs, not to mention his ass. Yep, taking the loin cloth off had been a great idea.

"You realize," he said, hand on his hip and scowling, "That I am not your personal mannequin, right?" 

Scoffing and resuming the pose she’d insisted on he frowned and added, “And if you wanted to stare at my junk you could just ask.”

Night in - Rude and Mindy


Mindy looked up and at the living room when Rude stirred and sat up. “About 7:45.” she answered, smiling at the sight of one of the paper butterflies still stuck on Rude’s cheek. She left her sketchbook in the hands of Taylor, got up to walk up to the couch and kissed Rude on his forehead, removing the little butterfly in the process. “And before you complain about me letting you sleep, you needed it.”

She wasn’t angry. In fact, she had managed to work on her contract while he was asleep and, if everything worked, he wouldn’t have to use his fists on her client.

“We can still go out for a walk and ice cream if you want.” Taylor had suggested the idea while Rude slept and Mindy thought it was a good one.

He was going to complain. Had his mouth open to do it and everything but was forced to bite back the words and huff quietly before adding, “Need it or not it wasn’t fair to you.”

He eyeballed the little paper butterfly in her hand but asked nothing, not sure he wanted the answer. He stretched and groaned again before standing up and turning to Taylor. 

"Yeah, a walk sounds good," he agreed, then crossed his arms and gave her a hard look. "Thought you are the one who was berating me for for eating too much ‘junk’ not that long ago."

Taylor snorted with laughter at one of the drawings and turned the page again, going beet red at the next one and shutting the sketchbook. “Oh, quit complaining and just go. I smell like a chemical spill and just want a bath.”

An Actual Date }{ Mindy and Rude }{


Mindy laughed, fastened her seat belt and pushed the lock of hair behind her ear. Have her for dinner he said. Well, there was space enough for that later on she thought as she glanced at the back seat.

She laid a hand on his tight as they drove out and waived at her sister who was watching them from the porch. “Is that so? Well, in that case… The Firaga’s? It’s a new grill bar that opened on the pier and I’m curious to check it out. And it’s pretty much in the middle of everything if we want to do something else after.”

The lady’s wish was as good as a demand right then, and it wasn’t more than half an hour that they arrived at the New Bodhum Pier and were heading in the direction of Firaga’s. 

Offering her his arm like he was some sort of professional at this dating thing, Rude put a hand over hers and said very seriously, “I know you must be starving, but I will not buy you cotton candy on the way. You must learn patience, Mindy.”

He thought he did a pretty good job of pull that one off, but a grin still peeked at the corners of his mouth. “I don’t want you to spoil your dinner.”

bourbonandmint asked: "{*throws Rude in here and leaves*}"


…What do you want.

Rude scowled and huffed. “My mother wants a puppy. I figured you’d be able to hook me up.”


He opened the locker two down from hers, and Xu blanched a little, eyes widening, and then narrowing in unadulterated anger. 

She was on that tape. There would have been no way it would have missed her. Angrily, she snatched up her cardigan, slipping her arms in it and covering more bare skin out of sheer reflex. A second of digging through her purse brought up a cream business card, her office telephone on it in precise lettering. 

"Please do.” 

And that was how, two weeks later, he was sitting in her posh office with a file folder of ninety two sheets of paper, each with the name and contact details of one woman (and in two cases Engineering Dean’s preteen daughters) who were most definitely all going to press charges against the couple responsible for the placement of the camera.

It was a mess. That was a completely separate stack of folders tucked into his bag detailing all of the interrogations and previous records of both the man and woman who stood accused. Because of course they had not confessed. 

To say that he was livid would be a vast overstatement. BUt he was holding it together as best he could, handing over all of the information with a grim face.

"I realize that it is unrealistic but I hope I never have to work on anything like this again. The camera was there for a day and a half and of the hundred or so on the tape, these are the ones who actively wish to pursue a case against them." He sighed, deep breath in and out, steadying himself.

"More may get in touch and their names are on a list in the files we have so far." He wanted to add that he hoped she would give the filthy fuckers hell but he was in no position to do that. "If there is anything else you need, don’t hesitate to contact the university or the city."


"Mm. I don’t know how you do it. I could never fathom having a child, much less a teenager to look after." 

Not that she’d thought very much about it; children were never high on her list of priorities. It was an assumption, at some point, going along with traditional family values, that she would settle down at some point and have a child. 

But she was busy right now. Too much so to even consider that as a possibility at this moment. 

And, to be honest, children scared the hell out of her. They were so needy

Rude blew out a breath instead of chuckling, lest he come under the stern disapproval of the person hammering at him with an inked needle.

"The baby we weren’t counting on. The teenager is just a logical progression," he said with a grin. "I’ll admit that she’s not as bad as some thought, so I supposed her mom and I got lucky there."

He’d never thought about it either, having been pretty young and idiotic when she’d been born. His daughter had been fact for so much of his adult life that the job of ‘dad’ was more who he was and what he did than just about anything else.


"You know… There’s no such thing. Rude." Somber words spoken in relaxed tone, there was something in  the barmaid’s gaze to his that revealed slight curiosity. She never properly understood the man, nor did she truly want to. Despite such claims though… She still gave him the chances warranted little for an enemy team. The years had passed and perhaps she was holding a grudge due to her own faults, her own mistakes in actions and therefore consequences to follow. 

That wasn’t what irritated her about him. It was just what bothered her about the Turks. 

Such a pity that she wouldn’t just let there be. He could hide behind orders as the reason that he was being obtuse. Difficult. Secretive even now when keeping this one might be a real disaster but then again maybe not. 

But old habits, as they both seemed to be examples of, died hard if they died at all. 

"No, I suppose there isn’t," he agreed, chin up for just a moment, surveying her with curious eyes hidden by tinted glass but being betrayed by the slant of light coming in the nearby windows. 

His lips parted, as if he was going to speak again, but he edited himself. Time was wasting, there was no time to attempt to be personal. Inclining his head in what could be read either as a nod of farewell or a small bow, he pulled the door open, the bell above tinkling.

Such a pity.

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The sneaker heads would be like “Ah, he got the Velcros!”

Thrift shop - by Macklemore

"Wel… maybe a little… Velcros are AWESOME!"

Rude put his head in his hands and sighed. “You are determined to break my heart, aren’t you?”